Why might it interest me?

NLP provides you with a means to make changes in your own life and to assist others in doing the same. It provides you with:

Insights into how people think and behave
Dynamic personal change techniques
Advanced communication skills

How will NLP be useful to me?

As NLP offers a window (through modeling) into the way we function (our neuro-linguistic programmes), it offers (as an application of NLP methodology) a technology for creating change.

If you want to have more choices about your behaviour and emotions, to enhance your communication and relationships and develop new abilities in your thinking, then NLP can provide you with the technology for accomplishing that. It generates lasting life skills (one of the consequences of quality NLP training).

Isn’t NLP really just hypnosis with a different name?

No. NLP is not ‘just’ hypnosis. Milton Erickson was a strong influence on NLP’s founders, but NLP includes aspects of many other disciplines as well.

Can NLP be used yourself?

Yes. Many people use NLP as a form of self development.

In what ways can I explore NLP for my benefit?

Through reading books and articles, through coaching with an NLP trained practitioner or coach or through a quality NLP seminar or training course.

Note that you can only learn about NLP through reading. To learn to use NLP fluently in real time interactions there is no substitute for live experience.
Reading is an excellent means of researching to help you decide when or whether you want to learn NLP and will provide additional descriptions and background to enrich your live exposure if you decide to delve deeper into learning the techniques of NLP.